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   Technical Services
Operating Format

Loudham employs long-term, independent and fully-indemnified Agronomic Advice.
This focuses on the most cost effective purchase terms for all crop inputs i.e. seed, fertiliser and agrochemicals. Good budgetary control is seen as essential for each farm, whilst recognising the individual variances that will arise due to elevation, soil types or previous history. Likewise, fixed costs are fine tuned through an active machinery replacement policy using a combination of purchased and contract hired equipment all of which allows for tight /Ha fixed cost control in a way that will not disadvantage an Owner should Loudham's overall farmed area rise or fall.

The Format outlined above shows how real savings can be achieved both through economies of scale & the use of incentivised independent professional advice. Expenditure must always be targeted on cost effective results, rather than cosmetic issues. By implication, in commercial conventional agriculture, this is the most environmentally friendly and profitable route forward.

Sales and Marketing

Loudham manages a small but defined grain/commodities pool in which each Owner's wishes in terms of the agreed cash flow budget & level of risk they wish to take is accommodated in a secure manner. If required, an Owner can also have their sales contracts insured against bad debt. Loudham has built long term trade relationships with buyers & is active in both Forward & Spot Markets in line with each Owner's wishes.

Budget Sales figures are fully researched & this combined with access to constantly-updated market information enables us to repeatedly achieve highly competitive 'On Day' trading results. Where possible, contracts are more customised than might normally be the case, with earliest possible settlement dates to the benefit of contract accounts routinely prioritised. Typically 75% of the annual sales from our ACCS registered stores are sold upon a 'delivered' basis rather than 'ex-farm' thus providing extended control to the point of delivery into first users.


Loudham's machinery policy can be seen in concept as a fixed cost protection policy aimed at fulfilling its responsibilities to each Owner. This concept is important because it demonstrates Loudham's concern for each individual farm in the light of any situation which could create a sudden upsurge in fixed costs or contract charges, i.e. the possible loss of land through, for example, increased set-aside / green schemes or actual land sales or purchases.

Investment has been made into state-of-the-art spraying, cultivation, drilling and harvesting equipment. Such investment is very much an ongoing policy. Loudham is fortunate in having access to national discount terms for tractor and combine purchases and, as such, can source equipment most competitively to the benefit of all parties. This situation extends where appropriate into Crop/Buildings insurance and Inputs Finance.

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