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Loudham Estates displays six positive features for future business opportunities:-

1   Its compact size and flexible management allow the Company to offer a more personalised and focused service than the larger farming companies commonly associated with this sort of joint venture. Tim Pare, the farming Director, has the time, ability and experience to tailor a farming policy to the individual owner’s requirements and preferences. Particularly within the UK situation we are not seeking to “take over” your farm : We are seeking a progressive and profitable partnership or tenancy agreement, which meets the requirements and aspirations of both sides against a background of consistency and Good Husbandry.
2   There is ongoing focus upon the likely effects the SPS Modulation - Loudham has full access to specialised consultancy support in such areas and is naturally sympathetic to any Landowners interest in the increasing flow of “Green” Initiatives. Enthusiastic and sensitive support is given to all appropriate Agri-Environmental schemes and the company works within a number of ELS & ESA agreements. As with such matters as Organic Conversion, Energy Crops etc the constantly changing options are a matter for continuous review. The protocols of Integrated Crop Management are clearly understood.
3   All Practical farming operations are run with the specific aim of minimising the intrusion of activities upon other parties land. Owners are kept aware of the progress and outlook generally on their land throughout the farming year and due regard is shown towards any particular requirements relating to, for example, an owner's shooting interests etc.
4   The Company enjoys first class administrative back up and can provide a full Contract Agreement accounting and management reporting service as required. We are however equally content to work in conjunction with any existing or preferred system a Landowner may have.
5   The Company has True Flexibility supported by a proven Track Record. It is used to operating under various types of Agreement. The constraints imposed by family structures are clearly understood.
6   The Company is financially sound. It retains a significant (and largely “home grown”) Investment Portfolio. Loudham is therefore in a strong position to fund expansion opportunities including if appropriate a substantial new “stand alone” operation within the UK or elsewhere in Europe.


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